Establish the context regarding the ongoing work being reported

Establish the context regarding the ongoing work being reported


1. Function : The purpose of the Introduction is:

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  • That is attained by speaking about the appropriate research that is primary (with citations) and summarizing our present knowledge of the situation you might be investigating;
  • State the goal of the operate in the form of the theory, concern, or issue you investigated; and,
  • Shortly explain your rationale and approach and, whenever feasible, the possible results your research can expose.

Quite literally, the Introduction must respond to the concerns, ” just exactly What had been we learning ? Why had been it a question that is important? Exactly just What did we realize I did this study about it before? Just just exactly How will this research advance our knowledge? “

2. Style : Use the voice that is active much as you can. Some utilization of very first individual is fine, but don’t overdo it.

3. Construction : The framework associated with the Introduction could be looked at as an inverted triangle – the part that is broadest at the most effective representing many general information and focusing down seriously to the precise issue you learned. […]